How to Check Mouse DPI (Windows & Mac)

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Don’t know your mouse’s sensitivity? No worries, here’s a guide on how to check mouse DPI. 😀 It’s fairly easy to find out the DPI…

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How to Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10

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Locked computer? Here’s how to reset your Windows 10 local account password.  We all have certainly faced this, I mean you sit in front of…

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How to Reinstall Windows on Your PC (Clean Install or No Format)

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Need to reinstall Windows on your computer? I had to reinstall my Windows without losing any data. The system was corrupted and there was no way…

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The Perfect Guide for Getting Free Internet (Mac Spoofing)

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Did you know there’s a sneaky use of Mac Spoofing? If you didn’t know, no problem. I’m going to tell you how to use Mac…

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How to Find any Wi-Fi Password on Windows (Easy Guide)

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You might forget your Wi-Fi password when you need it the most. But you can use Command Prompt to hack your saved password without hassle. In…

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