About TechiePaw

Hi and welcome to TechiePaw, a blog for techies who are looking for the best gadgets online such laptops and PCs.

TechiePaw is a resourceful site for techies – people who are looking for the perfect deal for their next tech purchase such as laptops and desktop PCs.

At TechiePaw, my main goal is to provide tips for beginners who are struggling to choose their first hardware and also help them choose the best deal for their money. 😉

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Which laptop should I get under $500?
  • What is the best smartphone under $100?
  • How to fix something in Windows PC?
  • and much more…

If you are confused about choosing your gadgets, TechiePaw is the right place for you! 😀

Why TechiePaw? – The Story

In 2017, I decided to build a website which would help the ‘techie‘ people. There’s also a story behind choosing this name – ‘TechiePaw‘.

TechiePaw was founded by Bright Joe who is a tech enthusiast and loves helping beginners with anything related to tech and gadgets.

So, why did I create the TechiePaw?

As I have said, we wanted to help beginners and that’s the sole reason.

You might also ask, why this name?

Well, this name is very special and tells a deeper meaning. Thinking of a ‘techie’ and a ‘paw’. The ‘paw‘ is your hand and the ‘techie‘ is you. So, it’s your ‘techie paw‘ meaning you are snatching the best tech out there for yourself. 😉

This blog is written by me alone. However, there are no guest posts on TechiePaw because I want to write the best crap I can. 😛

Who Writes for TechiePaw?

About Me

If you’re thinking about who the heck writes these crap?

I’m Bright Joe and I’m an 18-year-old digital marketer and tech enthusiast.

You may call me the ‘biggest hater of school‘. I was always into tech and marketing. In fact, I love talking about tech so much, I had around 5 tech blogs when I was starting.

I kept failing to reach you, people. So, I started a blog where I wrote articles on mobile games and apps. Let’s be honest, that blog was damn successful.

And that blog which motivated me to start writing about PC guides which I love more than phones. I knew this time, I will be able to reach my audience and people who actually love to read my posts.

What are my interests?

  • Traveling the world.
  • Writing about tech.
  • Learning internet marketing tactics.
  • Playing computer games.
  • Exploring computer stuff.
  • Working out.
  • Making plans with my brother.

I love to dream big and I have a life goal too. I’m working every day to reach my goals and thinking of it, motivates me the most. 😉

Thanks for reading through, and showing your interest. Love you techies!

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