5 Tips to Reduce Latency in Internet Connection (Quick Tips)

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I know it’s frustrating to play games on high pings and continuous lag spikes. So, how do you solve this problem?

In this guide, I’m going to list some of the most actionable tips to implement to reduce latency in your internet connection. There are several small reasons which cause higher ping and are really simple to fix. 😉

As a gamer, I used to play lots of Call of Duty a few years back. I often faced lag spikes which were too intolerable in an FPS game. Well, how did I fix the problem and continue playing for hours?

How to Reduce Latency in Internet Connection?

Before I go to the solutions, let me tell you that I have written a blog post on improving your WiFi signal which you can read for boosting your internet speed and therefore reducing latency.

If your Windows is getting errors while connected to the WiFi, you can check my blog post on fixing all Windows 10 connection errors.

So, here are some quick tips to help your connection get better and lower pings. 😛

1. Reset Your Router

In many cases, restarting the router never helped. Therefore, I tried resetting my router completely. What was the result, you ask? I achieved a more stable connection.

Your router gets cached after running continuously for days. I learned this when I reset my old one-antenna router and which started working like a fresh new router.

How to Reset Router
Source: Tech Support Forum

The router’s thermals can also affect its internal systems which include a processor which can start throttling. This usually increases your latency and ping terribly.

So, resetting your router can be a great idea if you’re facing severe lag spikes in game servers. This helped me many times and I thought this will be a valuable addition to this guide.

2. Update Your Router’s Firmware

I tried this on my first ever router (Tenda). I’m not sure which model I was using. It was more than 3 years back and I used to play online games a lot. Often, my ping jumped to 999 ms and it was terrible.

To be honest, I tried updating my router’s firmware, but I damaged it trying to do it myself. I will soon write a post on how to properly update your router’s firmware without damaging it. 😛

upload and install third party router firmware
Source: How To Geek 

Updating the firmware often increases the bandwidth speed and reduces latency. Just like software updates, the firmware updates too can help revive an old router.

But after replacing my router, I tried this on my current router (TP Link TL-WR740N) which is pretty old now. My router had issues of with reconnecting loops, which the firmware update has totally fixed. My pings in some game servers improved dramatically as well.

3. Use a Wired Connection

I know this tip is too simple. But believe me, this works the best in my opinion. I recently bought a laptop for writing on TechiePaw. However, I can also play some online games like Dota 2 and CS: GO on my laptop.

My ping was so different from the ping I used to get on my desktop PC using a proper wired connection.

Wired Internet Connection
Source: HardwareZone

If you want to reduce latency, it’s always better to choose a wired connection over WiFi which can cause gaming lags. I usually play on my desktop and even though, I’m using an old router, I still face no sudden lags.

Try this before replacing your router. Many experts suggest upgrading your router which can also play a vital role in improving latency, and that’s totally true. But this is worth trying. 😉

4. Change The DNS Servers

You often will use the default DNS provided by your ISP which is not optimized for the fastest response time. It’s proved that a faster DNS can drastically improve latency. This also improves your loading speed as well as download times. 😉

Change Router's DNS Servers

As you can see, that’s my router’s admin page. I’m using Google’s Public DNS which in my experiment came as the fastest DNS for my ISP.

I will write on some future post about how to benchmark the best DNS for your ISP. This will dramatically improve your internet speed and thus reducing your latency and ping in online games. 😉

5. Upgrade Your Internet Plan or Router

For several years, I managed myself with a 1 Mbps connection which is god-damn slow! So, if none of my personal tricks worked for you. I think it’s high time you upgrade to a better internet service provider or try changing your faulty router.

It's time to upgrade meme, time to upgrade meme

I currently use a 5 Mbps connection which is not bad. I’m able to play online games with the worst servers as very respectable pings. However, the above four tips are what I use to stabilize and boost my internet speed.

Investing in a better router from Netgear or other reputed brands will definitely kill some money, but they are great for the long run. 😉


I no longer get lag spikes and high pings in online games, just by tweaking a few things. So here are the solutions that I have tried and got good results. Four out of five tips are totally free and actionable.

You can just experiment and implement each of them to try to reduce latency of your internet connection. I have tried all and now I have a very stable connection with zero lags while gaming.

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