How to Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10

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Locked computer? Here’s how to reset your Windows 10 local account password. 

We all have certainly faced this, I mean you sit in front of your Windows desktop, turn on the machine, type in the password, and bang! You realize the password is wrong, or you have forgotten it.

You scramble through your memory and discover new password combinations to try out your luck, but none of them seem to work.

Here’s how to fix this. 😛

How to Reset Your Windows 10 Password?

Fortunately, there are solutions and certain tweaks that are mostly the same for all the Windows OS versions, with slightest differences. The more advanced the OS turns, the easier it becomes to deal with the upheaval in actual practice.

Here we are about to lay forth three ways or rather software usage explanation which will most certainly aid you to get back your most essential credential – your password. 😀

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Reset Password with Offline NT Password and Edit Registry Tool

Offline NT password in conjunction with Edit Registry Tool is very much of famous tool combination to reset Windows password and so we prefer it here too.

It is also commonly known as chntpw and is widely popular for resetting all types of Windows account passwords.

Get a spare PC and download the tool and install it carefully to avoid as many technical glitches as possible later on. Burn the extracted ISO image in the file you downloaded into a disk and you will have your own prepared bootable disk. 😉

Interject the disk into the locked-down computer and prioritize the inserted device in the BIOS utility setup.  A screen would appear which looks like this after the software is loaded.

offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Choose the disk comprising the OS installed file by pressing 1, then hit “Enter”.

Press 1 again to pinpoint the registry which is going to load here followed by hitting “Enter”. The moment the main screen emerges, hit 1 to proceed without interruption. 

Here now, select the user account which is currently locked and press 1 and hit “Enter” again. 😉

Now last but not the least, press 1 more time to clear the already existing password which you have forgotten, unfortunately, and then “q” to close the program schedule.

Next type the “y” key to bring about all the necessary password security changes and reboot your computer. When it turns on, you shall find no password inquiry, and you can set up a new password if you want.

The overall conclusion to this tool is ok, but it is quite confusing beginners as it is a completely text-based program. 😀

Reset Password with Super Administrator Account

Many of you may not have heard about this account called Super admin account. This account is primarily created by default when you install Windows on your PC in the beginning after the purchase in addition to the admin accounts you generate later on. But the account is usually kept hidden to avoid manipulative discrepancies.

So first we would activate it. In order to do that, power on your locked machine and wait for the lock screen to appear. Press “Shift key” 5 times incessantly as soon as the lock screen comes to sight and the super admin account icon is displayed in front of you.

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Sign in to the account and select “Manage” option when right click on “This PC” icon.

Locate “Local Users & Groups” on the left sidebar and then “Users” just under the same option. Again right click and if you see the “Set Password” option, click on it.

Reset Password using Super Administrator Account, Reset Windows 10 Password, Reset Windows 10 Local Account Password

Set a new password and sign out from this account. Reboot your system and enter it using the new password you just created.

But if you have not enabled this particular account before the account locked problem actually arouse, then this technique will fail to give you any expected output.

Reset Password with Tunesbro WinGeeker Ultimate

If the other two methods didn’t work for you, I would recommend trying TunesBro WinGeeker. This is a windows resetting tool which can incur bypassing the lock screen posing no data loss possibility. So it is safe and secure as far as data security is concerned. 😉

Reset Windows 10 Password using WinGeeker

To justify the statement, let’s look around what more can it offer:

  • It works smoothly with all the Windows OS versions, both Desktop and Server.
  • It supports all kinds of hard drives, like RAID, SSD, HDD, SATA, etc.
  • No additional tool is required in conjunction.
  • Lifetime upgrade facilities are available.
  • UEFI, DSI legacy, BIOS modes are also compatible.
  • Secured from malware attack.

So before you begin to work with this tool, make sure you have got an extra operational computer and an empty drive. Once you gather them all, then download the tool and install it to the spare computer. 😛

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Do the installation in such a way that it does not create interference in the middle of your work.

Run the tool in its usual manner, but start it with the administrative exemption to allow all the features of the tool remain operational throughout the process. Insert your drive into the machine. Choose “USB or CD/DVD” as media type and go for any one of the options either “Burn USB” if the device is USB or “Burn CD/DVD” if it is a CD/DVD.

wingeeker burning successful

Click “Ok” when you get the notification “Burning Successfully!” inferring that the burning has been done fully.

Eject the drive and now shove it in the concerned locked machine.

If required, enter the BIOS utility setup and put the loaded device in the priority list so as to allow the program to be loaded.

Boot options, bios boot settings

As soon as the screen of the tool turns up, choose your specific locked account from the stack of account options before you choose “Reset Password” and then “Reboot” option to begin the password removing procedure.

Reset Windows 10 password using Wingeeker

It will not take more than a minute to complete the work. Restart your computer finally and the next time turns on, surprisingly you will find no password fortification to irritate you. 😀


The usage of tools instead of direct manual tricks saves you a lot of trouble and time. Besides, if you are completely and not fully familiar with the unknown technical process, then it might be a little difficult for you.

If you want to save your time, you can use the software from our sponsor Tunesbro.

You can follow the guideline mentioned step-by-step and if any further confusion or trouble, I recommend taking advice from an expert instead of damaging your system and corrupting your data. 

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